IF Design Awards &
Reddot Design Awards

Design awards aim to show excellent product designs selected by competent expert juries in the areas of product design, communication design and design concepts.

IF & Reddot Design Award
IF Design Award

IF Design Winner Ergonomic Chairs

VX1 Ergonomic Chairs recognized as an award winning chairs considering the extreme comfort, extensive ergonomic feature and distinctive design.

RAIL Power Socket Module

High power modules designed to be stackable and removable allowing users to create a customized power source with as many sockets as needed.

IF & Reddot Design Award

IF Design & Reddot Design Award
Winners Multi-Purpose Chairs

Duoblock Multi-Purpose Designer Chair
IF Design Award

IF Design Award Winning Height
Adjustable Desk Controller

Innovative touchable and rotatable Award Winning Desk Control, perfect choice for office desks. The OLED can display and set sedentary functions, it has smooth lifting process and has 3 memory positions.

Height Adjustable Desk Control
Poly Ergonomic Chair

This Chair won the IF Award in Product Design category through the application of the 3D knitting technology, the back area is set for targeted flexible partitioning, providing effective flexible support for the human body.

Smart pop-up power socket perfectly designed with style and convenience. This product won the award Product Design 2022. The international jury awards this coveted seal of quality to products with outstanding designs, features, and ergonomics.

Pilar Surface Pop-up Power and USB Outlet Module